Who are Smithtown Park Rangers?

Smithtown Department of Public Safety Park Rangers are New York State Peace Officers. Park Rangers must pass the Suffolk County Civil Service requirements including a written exam, physical agility test, medical and psychological evaluations to be considered a candidate. All park rangers must attend and graduate from either a Peace Officer or Police Officer academy and be certified through New York State Department of Criminal Justice.

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1. Can park rangers make arrests?
2. Do any park ranger duties fall outside a park or beach?
3. Do I need to be a resident of Smithtown to use the Smithtown parks and beaches?
4. How does someone become a park ranger?
5. In addition to attending an academy, do park rangers receive any other training?
6. What are some the park ranger’s duties and responsibilities?
7. What are the hours of the Park Ranger Division?
8. Who are Smithtown Park Rangers?