What does the town assessor do?
The Town’s Department of Assessment is responsible for placing an assessment on each parcel of land in the Town for the purpose of apportioning the tax base.

The Assessor’s Office sets the fair market value of your property. If you agree, essentially, that you could get that amount if you were to sell your home, the Assessor’s job is done. If you don’t agree, there are ways to appeal through the grievance process. This office does not raise taxes.

Elected officials on the school board and in the county, town, village or fire district determine the size of their municipal budgets and how much tax revenue they need to allow them to provide the services you demand.

The Receiver of Taxes sends out the tax bills and, as the name implies, receives the payments.

Here is where people get confused: Your assessment determines what share of a tax levy you will bear. Think of a pie. That’s the total amount of taxes a school district or other taxing entity votes to bring in over the course of a year. The assessment determines only how big or small a piece of that pie the property owner will bear – not the tax itself.

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