The Small Business Facade and Property Improvement Program provides matching grants to commercial property owners and business owners willing to renovate the street-front exteriors of their structures. Eligible improvements might include new signage, windows, painting, siding, doors, awnings, and/or structural or design changes.


Eligible Applicants: Any building owner or tenant of a commercial building located in a central business district in the Township of Smithtown. Must be a legally approved commercial use property. Note: Applications from building tenants require the signature and approval of the property owner. 

Ineligible Applicants: 

Parking lots/Driveways, property/building maintenance, walkways, any proposal that would require approvals by an outside agency (NY DOT, State DEC, County DPW, etc.)

These grants are for businesses and building owners solely located in the Town of Smithtown. Priority consideration will be given to projects located in downtown business districts. 

Eligible Improvements:

Improvements to the street-facing façade, and upgrades to the accessibility of the exterior of the building (ie: decorative building enhancements, Gooseneck lighting, awnings, decorative signs, new doors.) Facade improvements that improve handicapped accessibility. 

A “match” investment of 25% of the grant amount is required of the building owner/tenant. Permit fees for this work, when required, may be eligible as a portion of the applicants match source. The Town of Smithtown will reimburse the cost of 75% of the facade improvement, not to exceed $20,000. 

Eligible Commercial Building Owners\Tenants throughout the Town’s Downtowns may contact the Community Development Coordinator (Kelly Brown) at (631)360-7540, for project planning, guidance and implementation for Owners\Tenants. Please call ahead before dropping off application and paperwork. 

{Note: Permits will be determined at the time of acceptance of the project}

Once the grant application has been approved and accepted by the Town of Smithtown, the Commercial Building Owners\Tenants will act as the contracting party with procured Contractors for the project. The Building Owners\Tenants may submit paid invoices to the Town of Smithtown for reimbursement. Proof of match investment (25%) is required prior to receiving reimbursement funds of up to $20,000. All project are subject to a final inspection by the Town of Smithtown Building Department prior to reimbursement.

Small Business Facade and Property Improvement Grant Assistance

  1. Planning & Community Development

    Physical Address
    25 Redwood Lane
    Smithtown, NY 11787

    Fax: (631)360-7546

  2. Kelly Brown

    Community Development Coordinator

Download Facade Grant Application

How to Apply:

  • Download the application for the Small Business Facade Grant application from the Town of Smithtown Website. 
  • Please fill out and submit the application form and all checklist required items indicated on the form to Kelly Brown in the Smithtown Planning & Community Development Department located at 25 Redwood Lane, Smithtown.
  • Permit fees may be submitted and later requested for reimbursement upon grant review and approval.
  • Grant approval must be confirmed prior to beginning work in order to receive reimbursement of grant funds
  • Construction must be completed by December 31st, 2023.