Commercial Waste


Business Resources to help identify areas of potential waste reduction:


U.S.E.P.A. Small Business Guide for Waste Prevention

U.S.E.P.A. Guide to Managing and Reducing Wastes for Commercial Buildings 

Tools to Conduct A Waste Assessment

Resources to help businesses increase recycling:


  • Separate Your Cardboard & Arrange For Dedicated Recycling Pick-up
  • Contact Local Waste Management Companies to Provide Recycling Services;
  • Some provide walk-throughs and waste audits to decrease waste disposal costs. 

Directory of Commercial Recycling Services (NY Solid Waste Federation)

E-Waste (i.e. Computers, Mobile Devices & Related Equipment) Recycling Facilities

Resources to help reduce food & organic waste:


NYSP2I Food Waste Estimator for Businesses & Institutions

NYSARStrategies to Reduce Commercial & Institutional Wasted Food 

Restaurants & Supermarkets: How to Donate Un-used Food