2020 Tentative Assessment Roll (2020/21 Tax year)


Due to the current COVID-19 crisis and necessary on-going social distancing protocols to protect the public, the time for the upcoming completion of the 2020 Tentative Assessment Roll (2020/21 Tax year), has been extended and modified by Executive Order of the Governor until June 1, 2020.

In addition, and as authorized by said Order, and by the Smithtown Town Board, Grievance Day for the 2020 year, has been re-scheduled to June 23, 2020. The Board of Assessment Review will meet to address any complaints and grievances on that date. Social distancing practices will be instituted on that date, but the public is encouraged to submit any complaint or grievance, on the State form RP-524, in advance, via mail or at the drop box located at 40 Maple Avenue, Smithtown, NY. Any complaint must be received no later then 5PM on June 23, 2020, or at the Landing Country Club, Landing Avenue, Smithtown, N.Y. by the completion of the Board’s hearing on said date. NO IN-PERSON APPEARANCE IS NECESSARY, provided a written complaint is filed.

Publication of the Assessment Roll will be posted online on the Town’s website (www.smithtownny.gov) for inspection and review. Formal Notice of Completion will be published at later date.

Although the Assessor or his designee is typically in attendance with the Tentative Assessment Roll for certain periods for the public to review and ask questions, this will not be possible this year due to social distancing. All inquiries must be made by mail, e-mail or phone by calling the office @ 631-360-7560.

Complaint/Grievance Forms are available by request, or online at NYS Tax & Finance (www.tax.ny.gov), or the Assessor’s home page (www.smithtownny.gov.).