If you are assaulted, feel violated, or threatened, call 911 immediately. 

If you are not in immediate danger or if you witness an act of bias/hate, call the Suffolk County Police Department at 852-COPS to file a report.


The Anti-Bias Task Force shall identify and respond to all forms of bias through a program of education, cultural initiatives, and legislation that promotes both the diversity and unity of the people within the Town of Smithtown.


Intolerance, prejudice, and discrimination against persons because of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, age or disability tear at the fabric of society. Acts of violence based on such bias, alienate individuals and groups and rob them of the crucial sense of security that we all require in order to live, work, learn, play, or pray in our communities.

In consideration of the destructive effects of prejudice and discrimination and to address this ongoing problem, the Smithtown Anti-Bias Task Force was formed in May 1994 as an agency of the Town of Smithtown. The Task Force is comprised of concerned persons appointed by the Town Board who work together to address the issues of prejudice and discrimination by:

  • Providing a public presence in Smithtown so that individuals, local groups, and the media are aware of the services available.
  • Responding promptly and appropriately to any perceived bias incident.
  • Working with community leadership in developing and/or providing educational programs.

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