Substance Abuse Committee

Check out our photo and video page to see pictures from our events!

During the fall of 2019 youth volunteers worked on a substance use PSA that focused on vaping. It was completed in January 2020.

7/22/20- A presentation by the New York National Guard Counter Drug Task Force was given. It focused on Drug Trends. 

Civil Operations Specialists- Technical Sergeant Carissa Siry and Sergeant Sean Cassidy gave a presentation on current local drug trends from before and during the Covid pandemic. Youth and adults were invited to attend.

3/25/21-  A presentation by Dr. Stephen Dewey called “Understanding the Science of Behavioral and Chemical Addiction”. 

The presentation focused on  Educating the community on the disease of addiction; Gaming and cell phone use; Use of caffeine, nicotine and alcohol; Vaping and Covid-19; and marijuana contamination, methamphetamine, and fentanyl.

Not On Your Life! (NOYL!) event on May 18, 2018- The purpose of this program is to curb the sale and promotion of alcohol and tobacco products to underage individuals. High school students from Kings Park, Smithtown, and Hauppauge visited liquor stores in the township and spoke to the managers about enforcing the underage drinking laws. The following ten stores in the Smithtown Township signed a pledge with their commitment to curb the sale of alcohol to minors: Smithtown Wines and Spirits, Figari's Wine and Liquor, Top Shelf Wines & Spirits, Smithtown Spirits WINE & LIQUOR, Kings Park Beer and Soda, Family Discount Liquors, Main Street Liquors, Prime Wine and Liquors, Long Island Wine and Spirits, and Commack Liquors. This event was done in collaboration with Horizons Counseling and Education Center, Youth Bureau, Commack Coalition of Caring, Kings Park in the kNOw, Hauppauge Youth and Community Alliance, Tobacco Action Coalition, LI Prevention Resource Center, and Suffolk County Police Dept- 4th precinct.

Pizza Box Top event on July 28, 2017- 21 student and adult volunteers placed 1,500 prevention messaging stickers on pizza box tops at the following pizzerias: Buona Sera and Monte's in Smithtown, Ciro's Pizza in Hauppauge, Mema's in Commack, and Gino's in Kings Park. We would also like to recognize Branchinelli's in Hauppauge for donating pizza for our planning meeting and Mama Sbarro's in Hauppauge for having their staff place stickers on the pizza boxes as well.

We would also like to give a shout out to the National Guard Counter-Drug Task Force, Kings Park in the know, and the SCPD 4th precinct with their help and support for this event.

Cancel the Keg Hotline/ "We Don't Serve Teens" event on June 4, 2017- 11 student volunteers were educated on the Suffolk County Social Host Law and the Cancel the Keg Hotline. They then spoke with community members during the annual Smithtown Festival Day and asked adults to sign a pledge that they would not serve alcohol to minors. They garnered 377 signatures for the event. Community members were also educated on locations for medication drop off locations.

"Sticker Shock" event on May 12, 2017- Ten student volunteers and 4 adult volunteers placed 1,100 prevention messaging stickers on alcoholic beverage cases at Uncle Giuseppe's Supermarket and Bullseye Beverage in Smithtown.

We are so proud of our volunteers for their hard work during he event and at the planning meeting. We want to thank our adult volunteers from: Kings Park in the kNOw, St. Catherine's of Sienna Hospital, Long Island Prevention Resource Center, Suffolk County Police Department, and the National Guard Counter Drug Task Force for their assistance. We also want to give a BIG shout out to Uncle Giuseppe's and Bullseye Beverage for believing in our message and jumping on board in such a supportive way.

This video was created by Janet Liu, a High School member of the Smithtown Youth and Community Alliance for the Operation Prevention Video Challenge.