Yard Waste Pickup

Yard Waste Pickup Instructions

Because of strict disposal requirements, only leaves can be placed in plastic bags. Please place bagged leaves and separately piled branches at the curb, not in the street.

  • Branches should be neatly bundled, for ease of handling.
  • Branches must be NO LONGER than 6 FEET IN LENGTH, with piles no higher than 5 feet.
  • All bamboo must be separated from any other yard waste.

NOTE: Your yard debris will not be picked up unless these instructions are followed.

The Highway Department will not pick up trees that are part of any property clearing project, residential or commercial. Construction material such as wood, sheet rock, roofing materials will not be picked up. The responsibility for disposal of construction material is that of the homeowner. We also do not pick up tree stumps or grass clippings. Grass is to be mulched back into your lawn or put in a compost pile on your property.

Please refer to the Town of Smithtown Refuge and Recycling Calendar for information regarding disposal of furniture, appliances, etc.