Transportation & Accessibility Services

Transportation & Accessibility Services Provided

The town's Disabled Transportation Program was established in 1990, thanks to the generosity of the Society for Lending Comforts to the Sick, who funded our first handicapped accessible minibus. The program provides free curb to curb transportation within the township for residents whose disability restricts their mobility and prevents them from using traditional forms of transportation. Our "handi-van" is equipped with a motorized wheelchair lift and can accommodate eight persons, one of them in a wheelchair.

An application form and a complete set of rules governing the transportation service are available by calling the Office for People with Disabilities at (631) 360-7642, or you can download the application now (PDF).

Handicapped Parking

New York State offers both license plates and parking permits for persons with disabilities. You can apply for the plates at any state motor vehicle office. Handicapped parking permits are available from the town clerk's office. These permits allow parking in spaces designated for persons with disabilities. The permits are valid throughout New York State and in most other states as well. They may be used for parking in handicapped spaces only when the vehicle is being used to transport the disabled person. To apply for a parking permit, contact the Smithtown Town Clerk's Office at (631) 360-7620.

Handicapped Parking

The Office for People with Disabilities (OPD)  works with the Smithtown Department of Public Safety to guarantee that all handicapped parking ordinances are strictly enforced. A special "Handicapped Hotline" telephone number, (631) 360-7638 (Voice and TDD/TTY), allows persons to directly report cars parked illegally in spaces reserved for the handicapped. Public Safety personnel in the area are then radioed to ticket the offender. These summonses carry a $230 fine. OPD also monitors parking areas throughout the township to ensure that handicapped spaces are provided and properly marked.