Parent Study Group

Program Overview

A Parent Study Group is a series of six weekly workshops for parents and single parents of children and adolescents who wish to learn and discuss new logical approaches in dealing with their family.

Rudolf Dreikurs’ book, “Children: The Challenge” is used to help develop a more co-operative and harmonious atmosphere in the home. The Parent Study Groups are individually designed around the specific needs of the parents. The group explores how family concerns can be developed into positive methods of personal interaction when understanding such topics as:

  • How a democratic atmosphere can replace the need for control and the development of power struggles and conflicts.
  • How discouragement leads to pursuing “mistaken goals” (misbehavior).
  • How misbehavior is due to discouragement.
  • How natural and logical consequences can effectively replace punishment and rewards.
  • How our children (adolescents) perceive their role in the family.
  • How parents can change their children’s (adolescent’s) behavior by changing their own responses.
  • How parents can encourage responsibility and cooperation in the home through the use of a family council.