Recreational Permits & Licenses

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  • Boat Ramp Permit: Allows the permit holder to use any of the three boat ramps located in Smithtown. (Two ramps at Long Beach; One ramp at the Kings Park Bluff). To obtain a permit one must show a current boat registration in the name and address of the Smithtown resident. Permits are issued for the registered vessel.
  • Canoe/Kayak Permit: A permit is issued for small crafts such as canoes, kayaks, dinghies, paddle boards, and rubber rafts, which are walked down to the water. Proof of residency must be shown.
  • Commercial Shellfish Permit: In order to obtain a Smithtown Shellfish Permit, a person must be a Smithtown resident for no less than 6 months and possess a New York State Permit for shellfish digging. The cost is $50. Persons taking shellfish commercially should contact the Clerk's Office at (631) 360-7620 for requirements.
    • NOTE: Residents wishing to take shellfish for their own personal use are permitted to do so and allowed to take up to one half bushel per person per day without a permit. Please review the shellfish digging ordinance for more information.
  • Environmental Conservation Hunting and Fishing Licenses: The Department of Environmental Conservation has devised a license issuing system, with a single standard license application. The issuing agent validates these licenses. The Town Clerk is an issuing agent for these licenses.
  • For further information or questions please contact 86-NY-DECALS (866-933-2257) or visit the Department of Environmental Conservation's website.
  • Night Fishing Permit: This permit is for fishermen only. It allows them to stay on the beach after closing. It is not a camping permit. You must be fishing or you will be asked to leave the beach. Resident vehicle registration must be presented at the Town Clerk's Office to obtain a permit.
    • There is no cost for this permit.
  • Resident Blue Card: This is designed for persons who either do not drive or have a leased or rented vehicle which is not registered to the resident. Some residents prefer to use this card in place of the resident sticker because their car windows are tinted. This permit must be obtained at the Town Clerk's Office. A drivers license or non-driver ID and a tax or utility bill must be presented as proof of residency.
    • There is no cost for this permit.
  • Resident Parking PermitThis permit allows residents to park their cars at the parks, beaches located within the township. Permits may be obtained by showing the vehicle registration bearing the Smithtown resident's name and address. If the registration has a post office box listed as the address then the resident must also present a tax or utility bill as proof of residency. Permits are issued at the Town Clerk's Office and the Parks Department during normal working hours.
    • There is no cost for this permit.
  • Transient Boat Slips and Winter Wet Storage: Available to residents and nonresident but subject to availability. Please contact the Harbor Master at (631) 360-7643.