Green Homes Eligibility & Getting Started


LI Green Homes in Smithtown is open to all owners of one- to four-family homes. For families with an annual income below 200% of the area median income (AMI), the audit is free. For families that earn up to 400% of the AMI, the audit will be partially subsidized.

If you own a home with electric heat, you may be eligible for Long Island Power Authority (LIPA)'s Home Performance Direct and Home Performance with ENERGY STAR programs, and should contact LIPA at (877) ESTAR-LI or visit their website for more information.

Getting Started

  • Complete the Green Homes audit application. Before you submit the application, we invite you to call us at (631) 360-7540 so that we can review it with you over the phone. Since incomplete applications may be rejected, we are available to help you make sure you have answered everything and provided all the information that NYSERDA needs to get you into the program.
  • Obtain summaries of your home's energy usage over the past 12 months from your utility providers. LIPA and National Grid provide this information online and by phone. For a summary of your home's oil usage, please contact your oil provider.

Mail, email, or fax the application and 12-month energy usage summaries to:
P.O. Box 12129
Albany, NY 12212
Audit Fax: (866) 335-6306

Audit Results

When the audit on your home has been completed and you have received the report from the auditor, contact the Smithtown Planning Department at (631) 360-7540 or NYSERDA at (877) NYSMART to learn more about how to get the work done on your home and what financing options are available.

If you have questions at any point in the process, please call the Smithtown Planning Department at (631) 360-7540.