Property Tax Exemptions

Real Property Tax Exemptions

The intention of this web page is to make homeowners in the Town of Smithtown aware of several Real Property Tax Exemptions that are currently available. The general rule in New York State is that all real property is taxable, unless specifically made exempt by law.

The exemptions listed below are available only pursuant to the New York State Real Property Tax Law and are administered by the Town of Smithtown Office of the Assessor. As a result, the Town must strictly adhere to New York State Law in processing all exemptions.

The following exemption information is very basic, indicating only the minimum qualifications. You must refer to the exemption application for specific requirements. Also, be aware that the laws and regulations regarding tax exemptions often change from year to year.

Remember the annual deadline to file for any of these exemptions is March 1st. All late applications, unfortunately, must be denied by law.

Please contact the Office of the Assessor at 631-360-7560 if you have any specific questions or comments. For additional information regarding available exemptions and forms, please visit the NY State Department of Taxation and Finance website.