Boards & Commissions

Town Board

Together with the town supervisor, the Town Council enacts ordinances, adopts a budget, manages personnel matters, oversees town-wide planning and zoning, establishes recreation areas and participates in town meetings. Elected to four year terms by voters from the entire town, each of the four council members serves as a liaison to various departments under the town’s jurisdiction. The Town Council members serve in a part-time capacity. They maintain regular office hours in Town Hall and routinely handle citizen’s inquiries.

Planning Board

Appointed by the Town Board, the functions of the Planning Board include:

  • Reviewing subdivision applications
  • Authorizing permits for developments that do not have adequate access to an improved street
  • Advising the Town Board on zone change petitions

Board of Zoning Appeals

Appointed by the Town Board, the functions of the BZA include:

  • Providing relief from zoning ordinances, in the form of variances
  • Reviewing requests for special use permits
  • Granting Certificates of Existing Use