Receiver of Taxes

Responsibilities & Services

The Office of the Tax Receiver is not a policy making office. We do not determine tax rates. We are responsible for collecting all real property taxes levied by the town, county, and school districts.

Tax Year

The tax year begins on December 1 and ends on November 30 of the following year. Tax bills are distributed ONCE a year around mid-December. They can be paid in total or in two installments.

  • 1st half: payable by January 11 without penalty
  • 2nd half: payable by May 31 without penalty


Methods of Payment

Internet based Payment System: For your convenience, you may now pay your taxes by credit card, or by e-check via our website. All major credit cards are accepted.

Telephone payments: payments can be made by calling 877-690-3729 and entering Jurisdiction Code:4227

A service fee is charged to the taxpayer for all internet or phone based services.

By Mail: If you wish a receipt when paying by mail, you must include your entire current tax bill. If you do not send the entire bill your cancelled check will serve as your receipt. Please put your district, section, block, and lot numbers on your check to identify your parcel.

In Person: Bring the entire current bill to the Tax Receiver's Office at Town Hall. We accept checks (made payable to Deanna Varricchio, Receiver of Taxes) money orders, or cash. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are asking that all credit card payments be made online.

Residents can securely drop payments in the Tax Receiver drop box located at the side entrance of Smithtown Town Hall. 

Partial Payments: A minimum payment of $200 may be made. Penalties will only be imposed on the remaining balance after the due date.

  • Note: After May 31 of each year, all taxes are payable to the Suffolk County Comptroller who can be contacted at (631) 852-3000. We cannot accept any payments at this office that are postmarked after May 31. The county charges a penalty of 5% and also interest of 5% from June 1 (increasing 1% each month thereafter) if taxes remain delinquent.