Office for People with Disabilities

About Smithtown Office for People with Disabilities (OPD)

The Smithtown Town Board created the Office for People with Disabilities in 1984 to address the unique concerns of Smithtown citizens with disabilities. A division of the town's Senior Citizen's Department, the office endeavors to increase understanding, facilitate socialization, and disseminate pertinent information to disabled persons and their families.

A brochure has been prepared to acquaint you with the many services that the Office for People with Disabilities provides for the physically and developmentally challenged of Smithtown.

OPD Advisory Board

The Office for People with Disabilities is aided by an "OPD Advisory Board", a group of local residents well-versed in the challenges faced by the disabled. Appointed to two-year terms by the Smithtown Town Board, these citizens serve without compensation. Their extensive professional backgrounds provide the understanding & expertise to deal with varied challenges faced by those with a disability.

OPD Advisory Board Members

Joan Vitale, Jackie Simms, John Lessard, Wells B. Jones, Joseph M. Delgado, Lori Jira, Liz Giordano, Robert Troiano, Alexis Rodgers and Elaine Learnard. Designate Elaine Learnard as Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Coordinator.