Waterways & Navigation Division

Boat on the waterwaysResponsibilities of the Waterways & Navigation Division

The Waterways & Navigation Division staffed by the Harbormasters. These personnel enforce all federal, state and local ordinances that deal with navigation, waterways and conservation. Like the Park Rangers and Fire Marshals, the Harbormasters are peace officers under New York State Law and are trained at the Suffolk County Police or Sheriff's Academy.


The Harbormasters oversee the town marinas and mooring areas. They assign slips and moorings to the town's boating community. This division is responsible for the installation of channel markers that help ensure the safe and orderly flow of boating traffic in the local harbors and inlets.

The Harbormasters regularly patrol Smithtown waters to maintain a safe boating environment and they regularly assist boaters. They conduct safe boating seminars to the public and also hold boating classes in the local schools to the younger town residents. Download the Public Safety Waterways brochure (WPD).