Investigations Division

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About the Investigation Division

The Investigation Division is responsible for the enforcement of all local laws, codes, rules and regulations of the Town of Smithtown. Investigations are conducted to determine compliance with codes regarding housing, building, zoning, sanitation, amusements, etc. Each of the investigators are highly trained professionals that handle cases which are not routinely accomplished by uniformed personnel. They initiate investigations of possible violations of Town Code found through regular patrols and from complaints received through the Department of Public Safety's Communication Center.

Department of Public Safety Investigators conduct confidential, specialized and sensitive investigations which involve surveillance, follow up, and court preparation. They work closely with the other divisions and other local, state and federal agencies. This division conducts background investigations of perspective employees, as well as, investigations involving employee accidents, incidents and/or injury claims. Investigators also meet with the public with Park Rangers and Fire Marshals to discuss concerns of safety and protection of life and property.