Invasive Species

Invasive Species “Do Not Sell” List Suffolk and Nassau Counties

As part of their long-term plans to prevent further infestations of invasive plants in natural areas, the Counties of Suffolk and Nassau passed local laws prohibiting the sale, introduction, and propagation of 63 invasive, nonnative plants. The prohibition goes into effect January 2009 for most species (the forget-me-not and honeysuckles are prohibited beginning January 2011).

Each county developed the same “Do Not Sell (PDF)” list and similar legislation in collaboration with the Long Island Invasive Species Management Area (LIISMA) group, The Nature Conservancy, the nursery industry, botanists, field scientists, and environmental agencies. Each county advisory board will periodically review additional invasive species, and revisions to the “Do Not Sell” list may be made.

For more information see Suffolk County Local Law 22-2007, Nassau County Local Law 24-2007, and The Nature Conservancy website.